Tips + Tricks

How to make the most out of your time with Emma.

Before we get started.

First, TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Photos are scary. I get it! That’s why I am here; to make you feel comfortable and happy and photogenic! “But, Emma! We have never done photos before!” I say GREAT! Let’s make some magic! It doesn’t matter if you have done photos 2 or 200 times, my goal is to make your experience be as seamless as possible.


What to Wear

Number one and most important rule. WEAR WHAT YOU FEEL CONFIDENT IN!! Your family photos or engagements or couples session or anything else is not the time to try out some outfit that isn’t your fav. You will be so much happier if you rock something that you feel like your best self in!! 

If you have no idea where to start, here are a few basic ideas that I like to live by:

Neutrals are always a good idea. If you read my About Me page, you know I am a biiiiig fan of neutrals. I think they provide a really beautiful and natural look. BUT. If neutrals aren’t your thing, deep and dark solids can never lead you astray.



Black makes you look thinner. I know I am always trying to find the most flattering clothes for photos and black never fails.

Here are some palettes I think always look good:

Some darks and light colors to add some contrast, with different shades of similar colors.

One color that stands out is always good so that it brings attention to the beautiful subjects :)

And then there are the NeuTRalS!! You know these are my favorite but these can be tricky with different backgrounds. In the winter, you can blend in with the snow, so take that into consideration.


A Word about Patterns

My opinion is that patterns are so fun as long as they are intentional. Too big or too many patterns can be distracting and take away from your beautiful faces! 


The last thing I will say about outfits is to wear something or add things that bring out you!! Add some spice by wearing your matching AF1’s or bring your puppy or let’s show off your car in the photos, etc. These pictures are for YOU! 


And!!! Don’t be afraid to reach out to me for help! I have always dreamed of being a professional shopper and would love to help you if you are feeling stuck. Pinterest is also a great option to find ideas!


Families with Little Kids

Kids can be the toughest and most stressful part of family photos. Will they be in a good mood? What if they don’t smile, etc. DO NOT STRESS!! 


First off. Babies and kids can sense when you are stressed and that makes them stressed! I mean, I am no psychologist or anything but I have seen it time and time again: stressed parents, stressed kids. Just relax!! I am here to capture your life, the way it is, not the perfect “Instagram” version.

ALWAYS COME PREPARED! There is no shame in bribery. Bring allll the candy, treats, fruit snacks, raisins, or whatever else your child likes. Bring the baby’s favorite toys, and I can help hold it in front of the camera. I will help in any way I can, so let’s coordinate beforehand to get everything just right. I have been one of Santa’s elves before, I have been a birthday wish fairy, you name it. Anything for the smiles!


As hard as it is to coordinate with lighting, we can try as best we can to plan the shoot around nap times and meal times. A full tummy and nice nap is one of the best ways to make sure the kiddos are happy.


How long until I get my photos back?

Family photos, engagements, and bridals are guaranteed back within 2-3 weeks unless specified otherwise. 

Weddings are guaranteed back within 6-8 weeks of wedding date unless specified otherwise. 


Videos are a new thing for me so I appreciate your patience as I learn this new skill, it may take me longer to get videos back to you.


Have questions or would like to start a project? Contact me today to get started.